Sigrid de la Mare called "Siri" Sigrid de la Mare called "Siri"

May 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings unto the populace of Northshield from Tom and Sigrid, Rightful King and Queen of Northshield.

We must tell you how much We enjoyed Gulf Wars, and how thankful We are to everyone who traveled south to Gleann Abhann to join Us there. It was a great pleasure to see so many of you having fun. We were proud of each of you, and honored to be able to share the might of Northshield with the Known World.

Thank you also to Our Barony of Caer AnterthMawr for hosting Our Coronation. It was a wonderful day of celebration with Our friends from near and far. We appreciate the hard work and effort that wentinto it.

Our schedule this month is full, with Her Majesty enjoying the Pie Snit in Rokeclif, while both of us will be at Crown Tournament in Dreibrucken; Quest for Camelot in Schattentor, and Our Tournament of Chivalry at Castle Fever in Silfren Mere.

Crown Combatants, make ready! We are excited to see who will carry the day, and we look forward to the pageantry of the day and seeing everyone’s best efforts for the tournament.

Make ready your armour and weapons; your banners and pennants; your surcoats and standards, for the summer fighting season is upon us. We are pleased that Count Stephen will be Our Army General this summer, and Lord Edward of Kent will be Our Rapier General. Please take some time to go over melee techniques at practices and events where possible. If you have questions on what you should be practicing, please contact them.

Quest for Camelot is around the corner, and We look forward to this annual engagement with the Outlands. For any of you who h ve not had the opportunity to visit this most beautiful part of Our lands,you are missing something very special. If you can find a way to attend, We encourage you to join Us.

Show your pride in your Kingdom as you travel far and near, and know that We take pride in representing you. We remain

In your service,

Tom and Sigrid

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Posted by: Tom and Sigrid Their Royal Majesties on 5/1/2010

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