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May 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings and Salutations,


So the biggest news is the $2 increase inmembership fees and the $2 increase in NMS fees starting July 1, 2010. This was announced inthe last Northwatch but I wanted to expand upon this. The $2 NMS increase willbe $2 American Dollars in the USand $2 Canadian Dollars in Canada.Any event occurring after July 1, 2010 will need to collect the $5 NMS fee even if the pre-registrationoccurs prior to July 1, 2010.


I sincerely hope that by the time you readthis article all of the Q1 Quarterly Reports have been submitted. If yourgroups has not been submitted--YOU’RELATE. if you haven’t already made arrangements with me, please contact meASAP at


I am in need of an individual to step up tofill the role the Western Regional Exchequer. This individual will assist withtraining of new Exchequers, troubleshoot reporting issues, and handle theReview of Books process for their region. Please apply now!


Please remember that NMS reporting isrequired to be submitted within 30 days of the event. An NMS form is requiredto be filled out even if the event is FREE.Please remember to submit your NMS forms and monies to the NMS deputyexchequer, The Honorable Lady Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (address on page 29).


Do you know that your group must have afinancial policy? The financial policy can merely refer to the KingdomFinancial Policy as the default financial policy. It’s a good idea though todefine some of the things particular to your group like: how does your groupdecide to spend money (majority vote at a meeting, of the finance committee, orother); what is your finance committee defined as (Seneschal/Exchequer, allgroup officers, or other combinations); who determines/approves the budget andwhat should you be budgeting for (yep, you need one of those too); or how to doevent planning/budgeting. Once you define your financial policy, make surethere’s a paper copy in your files.


Once again I want to remind you that I willneed to be added to your bank account signatory cards. If you have not startedthis process yet, please contact your bank to determine the steps necessary toget me added to the account(s). For those groups who have not completed this byWW.. I will start to aggressively hunt you down J.


**Tip-Of-The-Month: Feeling tired? Strugglingunder the weight of the office? Need to get away? Even if you’re not, it’salways a good idea to begin grooming a successor. Bring in someone who showssome interest and make them your emergency deputy. Include them on thefinancial decisions and meetings; have them assist you with reports; assignthem tasks such as event reports or NMS filing. The position of Exchequer canbe daunting, but with a little training it’s not nearly so scary. So thinkabout your exit strategy now and then volunteer for the open regional position J.




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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 5/1/2010

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