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June 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings Northshield

First off, let me take a moment tocongratulate the fighters and consorts and the fine folks from the Shire ofDreibrucken for a wonderful Crown Tourney. While at the moment of writing this Ido not know who the victor will be, by the time you read this we all will know.Please take a moment to congratulate them when you can. We know that the futureof Northshield is assured.

Second. Good friends we are in need of groupsto submit bids for the Fall’s Coronation and Crown Tourney events. By lawCoronation should be in the Eastern Region on the second weekend of September andCrown in the Central on the second weekend of October. However, please knowthat all bids will be reviewed, regardless of region, and the best for the bothof these events will be chosen. As evidenced by our brothers and sisters inDreibrucken, a very good event can be put on by a relatively small group. Itjust takes some planning and cooperation. No group is alone in putting on oneof these events and help is available from the Kingdom and the Great Officersas well as your friends and neighbors.

Speaking of Kingdom level events, recently adecision was made by the Crown and their Stallari Council, that from this pointonwards, the 2nd weekend in November will now be reserved for S.U.N. (StellarUniversity of Northshield). Please be aware of this when making plans and ifyou are interested in hosting this please contact our S.U.N. Chancellor –Katlin Laurana Sewall (her information is on page ____ of this issue and on thekingdom’s website as a deputy to the KMoAS). While on the subject of Kingdomevents, we are also looking for bids for Officers’ Day and Northshield Rapier Academy(NRA) bids.

Lastly, my fellow Seneschals, its June. Didyour report make it in on time? Officers please pay attention to your reportingschedules.

Until next time, be well, travel safely, andabove all else, have fun.


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Posted by: David de Bohun Kingdom Seneschal on 6/1/2010

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