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June 2010 Northwatch Missive

Salutations unto Northshield from Tom and Sigrid, your King and Queen.

We are excited to have heirs! We enjoyed the display of honor and chivalry at Crown Tournament, and the inspiration of the consorts was visible to all. Our thanks to Dreibruchen for hosting such a lovely event.We know that all of you will show our heirs the same love and support you have shown Us.

We would also like to thank everyone who came out to Quest for Camelot. It is held in such a beautiful place in a beautiful part of the Kingdom, and We appreciate the support you showed. Her Majesty  certainly had her fill of pie and fun at Pie Snit, and Castle Fever brought out wonderful fighting and good friends.

June is a Busy month for all of us with Mermaids, Border Skirmish, and Baronial Border War the first part of the month.His Majesty will be at Moorish Tavern and hopes that many of you will follow him to Midewinde to celebrate the Siege of Tunis. Likewise, Her Majesty will be traveling to Mare Amethystinum for Thats Amare, and invites you to test your skill at the highland games there.

The war season continues in July and August and We again encourage you to show your pride in Northshield by bringing your black and gold for WW, Pennsic and beyond! We remain,

In your service,

Tom and Sigrid


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Posted by: Tom and Sigrid Their Royal Majesties on 6/1/2010

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