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August 2010 Northwatch Missive

Unto the Good Populace doth Kenric sendgreetings for this, the hottest month of the year.

For those of you heading to events thismonth, please remember the sunscreen and insect repellant, drink plenty ofwater, and seek shade for the hottest portion of the day. You will enjoy theevent more if you do not come home sunburned, bitten, and with a headache fromthe dehydration.

Chirurgeons, I am still missingmany of your certifications. If you are not sure I have them, please mail ore-mail them to me. I am also not getting many reports, so I am unsure whichevents were covered, and which of you are still active. If you Chirurgeon at anevent, drop me a line afterwards to say you were there (and let either theevent steward or the Chirurgeon-in-Charge know you were there.) If you are Chirurgeon-in-Charge,drop me a line to say the event was covered. I get all the event reports, butoften, the person reporting simply puts N/A for the Chirurgeon portion, whichcould mean there was no Chirurgeon, or simply that there were no reportableincidents.

EventStewards and Marshals,reportable incidents include any injury to a minor or any injury which requiredtransport to the hospital or might require medical follow-up. If you don’t havea Chirurgeon, If you don’t have a Chirurgeon, YOU are responsible for reportingthem to the Kingdom Chirurgeon (as well as to the Kingdom Marshal for allfighting injuries). Failure to report could affect our insurance coverage.

I do not plan to travel in August, but planto attend Gimli, Coronation, and Hrothgar’s Hall in September, and Crown Tournamentin October.

Although it is still summer, and winter seemsa long way off, January is fast approaching, and with it the end of my secondyear as Kingdom Chirurgeon. With that in mind, I am looking for a successor. Tobe eligible, you must be a warranted Chirurgeon (either mentor or journeyman), becurrent in your certifications and SCA membership, and be able to travel tomake at least a few of the Stallari meetings a year. The position entails beingan active Chirurgeon; overseeing the apprenticeships of the Apprentice Chirurgeons;reporting to Their Majesties and Society Chirurgeon; being a member of TheirMajesties’ Stallari Council; and being available as a resource for other Chirurgeons.Interested individuals should send me a resume including both SCA andapplicable modern experience. I would like to be able to recommend my successorto Their Majesties, the Stallari, and Society Chirurgeon by Crown Tournament.

Lastly, we are supposed to highlightstitchery, which affects Chirurgeons in two ways. First, I will point out to Chirurgeonsthat any medical aid beyond first aid (including suturing) is not a Chirurgeon’sbailiwick. If you do it, you are doing it as a doctor, chiropractor, or othermedical professional, not as a Chirurgeon, and should make that clear in bothtalking to the patient, and in your report. Secondly, not everybody recognizesall the Chirurgeons, so wearing a Chirurgeon’s baldric is a boon to both theevent staff and to the newbie.

Travel safe and have fun.

Other missives from the Retired Office
Posted by: Kenric Bjarnarson Retired Office on 8/1/2010

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