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August 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings again, my friends of Northshield-

Congratulations to the Village of Orlova Dolina for their successfulbid to host Fall Coronation. The choice was a difficult one for all threegroups who put in bids had great packages and offered much for this event.Congratulations also to Orlova Dolina for their hard work to achieve fullstatus when they become the newest Shire in Northshield that day

Congratulations also to Silfren Mere fortheir successful Fall Crown Tournament bid. For the combatants and consorts,please remember that the instructions Their Highnesses (by then Majesties) giveyou must be fulfilled completely.

This leads me to an on-going problem that hasbeen getting worse instead of better. As I said we received three outstandingbids for Coronation. The problem is that all of them came in with just a few daysleft before the extended deadline. My friends, the Royal Family and theirStallari Council should not have to make such important decisions in such a smallamount of time. This applies not only to Coronation and Crown but to allKingdom-level events. One of the complaints we constantly hear is that no onegoes to these events. One of the big reasons is many do not get the word intime of where these events will be and when.

For example, we still have not received bidsfor SUN, NRA or Officers’ Day and here it is August already. We all have tomake plans, both financially and professionally, as to which events we will goto. If bids are not put in until two or three months before the event, thenpeople do not have time to make those plans.

I must ask you all that if you can put on oneof these events; Coronation, Crown, SUN, NRA, or Officers’ Day, please make adecision early, submit your bid early and give all time to plan so we can enjoyyour hospitality.

Lastly, Seneschals and all other officers, itis August. Your next reports are due very soon—Seneschals, yours are due bySeptember 1. For everyone else, please check Officers > Report Schedules athttp://northshield.org/ for your reporting schedule.

Until next month, I remain,

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Posted by: David de Bohun Kingdom Seneschal on 8/1/2010

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