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September 2010 Northwatch Missive


HappySeptember! School is starting back up and most of us have had a busy summer,but we still have some good outdoor events mixed with the returning indoorevents. Windhaven's Fall Fest will keep you warm with dancing, drumming and bardicin the evening. Twewint's Hrothgar's Hall is offering an A&S Display andplenty of time between sunup and feasting for your A&S pursuits. CastelRouge's 40th Anniversary Feast and Celebration offers a day of classes. Theseevents and others will continue to update their websites, so check them!

My thanks tothe group MoAS’s for a good response on reports. Just for your information, thegroup MoAS’s have reports due on January 15 and July 15, and the reporting formis linked off the Northshield website. I think most of the group MoAS’s are onthe discussion list, but if you are not and you have questions about fillingout your report, please contact me.

The StellarUniversity of Northshield (SUN) will be held in Nordskogen on November 13.There will be many fine classes and a lunch available. More information on thewebsite! Or contact Lady Katlin, SUN Chancellor.

Bids are beingaccepted for the Winter A&S Faire. The Faires are meant to be fun,educational events and geared towards pulling out the passion and enthusiasm ofthe populace. This could be a theme-based day of diverse classes and workshopsor it can be an immersion weekend, delving into one period's arts and sciences.It could be a day of fire, or a festival of dance and music. It could also bemerged with an event your group is already planning to hold. If you have anidea, take it to your local group and with their support, develop a bid. Pleasesend bids to me by October 1st.

I know thismissive is mostly about educational events held throughout the Kingdom,organized to bring us together for short classes and workshops. So I take anopportunity to thank those of you who also teach in small groups or to onestudent at a time, patiently sharing your knowledge and time, leaking your geekand never getting a lot of recognition for it. You don’t do it for the publicrecognition; of course, you do it because you want to help someone else exploreyour art. Maybe it is pleasure in seeing a student succeed, or maybe you want acraft circle to work with. Whatever inspires you to teach, great! Do it more!For you are part of the wealth of Northshield, part of her strength. Thank you,to you and to all the generous teachers of our great Kingdom.

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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 9/1/2010

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