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September 2010 Northwatch Missive

Untothe Royalty, Nobles, and Populace of the Stellar Kingdom of Northshield, FreiherrAlbrecht Waldfurster, Isunden Herald, sends Greetings!

Herewithfollow notifications from the College of Arms of the Society for CreativeAnachronism concerning the status of heraldic submissions from the StellarKingdom of Northshield.

TheCollege of Arms rendered no decisions directlyconcerning submissions from the Kingdom and Populace of Northshield during itsdeliberations in the months of March and April, 2010.

TheCollege of Heralds of the Kingdom of Northshield sent the following names and armoryto the College of Arms for consideration and registration.The new names and armory are NOT YET registered; I am providing thisinformation to notify the submitters of the progress of their submissions.

Submitted 26 Mar, 2010: the College of Arms completed deliberations in July,2010, but has not yet published the results.

AnthoinetteGenheimer - NewDevice (Ermine, on a fret sable, a rose Or seeded purpur barbed vert)

EdwynusMeyer - New Name

Elizabethvon Kulmbach - NewName

Gwenhwyvarverch Owen ap Morgan- New Device (Per chevron argent and azure, in base a triangular trivet argent.)

Gwenhwyvar verch Owen apMorgan - New Badge ([Fieldless]A triangular trivet argent.)

Rhys ap Owein - New Name & New Device (Argent,a chevron fracted inverted azure.)

Ulfhildr þegjandi - New Device (Gules, in bend sinistera wolf salient between a heneage knot and a heneage knot inverted argent.)

Windhaven, Barony of - Badge Resubmission (Argent, in palea bunch of grapes purpure slipped and leaved vert bendwise sinister and atrestle table proper.)

Submitted 16 May, 2010: the College of Arms will consider these submissionsduring the month of August, 2010, and will issue the results of its deliberationsin due course.

Heorot Denu, Cantonof - New Branch Name& New Device (Per chevron inverted, Or and azure, a stag salient proper inbase a laurel wreath Or)

Katherine Sainct-Denis - New Name

Madok Serpentsbane - New Name & New Device (Perchevron inverted rayonny Or and Gules, in pale a battle axe and a snake nowedcounterchanged)

Morin Ó Cathasaigh - New Name

Northshield,Kingdom of - NewHeraldic Title (Gout de Vin Herald)

Northshield,Kingdom of - NewHeraldic Title (Holly Herald)

Philip Quartermaine - New Device (Vert, a wyvern sejantand in chief a demi-sun all within a bordure argent)

TadeuszSczepanowic - NewName

ThuraEnglandsfara - NewName

Submitted 20 June, 2010: the College of Arms will consider these submissionsduring the month of September, 2010, and will issue the results of itsdeliberations in due course.

Gevehard von Baden &Greta Rahikkainen -New Household Name (House of Cardes)

Theodweard l'Archier - Device Change Resubmission (Argent,an oak tree proper and on a chief embattled gules, three Latin crosses Or.)

Inquiriesconcerning submission status can be sent directly to<>.

Yoursin service to the Stellar Kingdom of Northshield


Meister desPelikan-Ordens

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Posted by: Albrecht Waldfurster Isendun Herald (Notifications Deputy) on 9/1/2010

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