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July 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetingsbrothers and sisters Northshield,

Thismonth brings more changes, the experiment with 2”x2” thrusting tip on 9' spearsis no long active, we would like to thank everyone who participated. The SEMwould like to try 2” wide by 3” deep thrusting tips for spears, as always ifyou would like to be part of this experiment please send me an email or inwriting and fill out the experimental weapons report online after each use.

Anotherchange this month is to youth helm and weapons standards. In section 1, a.Minimum Required Armor, Head. Helm changes, in both 10-13 age division and14-17 age division, the existing wording reads: “No opening on the face shallbe more than 2 inches.” The change shall read,: “No opening on the face shallbe more than 1.5 inches.”

WeaponConstruction changes, in 2 a. Weapon Standards again in both 10-13 and 14-17age divisions, the existing wording reads: “Both ends of pvc must be capped.” Thechange shall read: “Both ends of the pvc must be capped and padded as to notallow them to pass through an opponents helm.”

Anotherchange to weapon construction. The existing wording reads: “Two layers offiber-reinforced strapping tape.” The change shall read: “Two layers offiber-reinforced strapping tape, over the entire length of PVC.”

Thesechanges are to reflect a situation that came up where a boffer helm was made tospecifications and a weapon (without a thrusting tip) was made tospecifications. That would allow the weapon to make contact with the child’shead. It also clarifies a few questions that have come up. This change willresolve any future issues.


SyrGunther KegSlayer.

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Posted by: Gunther KegSlayer Kingdom Earl Marshal on 7/1/2010

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