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July 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings Archers!

The summer season is in full swing, andfantastic outdoor archery events pack the Kingdom calendar! Before you take theline at these gatherings, have you re-inspected your equipment? Marshals shouldbe inspecting gear at events, but it doesn't hurt to look at your own equipmentbefore you pack it -- you may catch something in time to bring along that extrastring/set of arrows/bow that makes the difference between participating andonly being able to watch.

By the time you read this, if you are amarshal or marshal-in-training, you should have reported. Reports were due onJune 1st. If you did not report, please do so immediately. If you did notreceive a reminder e-mail from me, please e-mail me as well, so that I mayupdate your address.

Please make sure you are drinking enough tocompensate for the summer's heat, and take the necessary protections from thesun (finding shade, using hats or sunscreen.)

The Eastern Regional Marshal position hasbeen filled by Manigarm the Scythian. She is a very qualified and energeticmarshal, but unfortunately her term will be limited to about a year, as sheplans to travel away from the lands of Northshield. If you are interested inthe position in about a year's time, please talk to either of us.

The archery community continues to compileinformation resources of use to archers and marshals. I am calling this librarythe "NARF" (Northshield Archers Resource Files). Look on theNorthshield page, under the resource links tab of the Archer General's page, tofind it. From the main Kingdom Website, you can reach it through the followingpath: Officers -> Earl Marshal -> Archer General (scroll down) ->Resource Links. Check it out, and see if there is anything you would like tocontribute to it! It will continue to grow, so check back for new content.


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Posted by: Jois Corbet Kingdom Archer General (KLO) on 7/1/2010

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