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July 2010 Northwatch Missive

Unto the Populace of Northshield doth Kenricsend greetings on this fair day--

Summer has arrived, and with it thoughts ofspending long days outdoors, finally getting done all those chores which couldnot be done in the cold of winter. Ah, the bliss! Please, however, considertaking a day or two to get together with your SCA friends at an event.

Our good Mistress Chronicler has declared thetheme of this newsletter to be service, which makes this an easy missive forme. After all, service is the core of the Chirurgeonate. While medicine is bothart and science, those practiced by the Chirurgeon are purely modern, andtherefore far from the realms of the Laurelate. We are not alone in ourpractice, however. Most of the offices, indeed, most of the people who make theSCA run, from the corporate staff to the cleanup crew at events, do so by doingmundane tasks, often out of the view of others. Without their efforts, theevents we love would simply not happen.

In light of this, I would commend a challengeto each individual who reads this missive: do at least one mundane serviceevery other event. Sit at gatekeeper, set up chairs, sweep up afterwards. Inevitably,someone will thank you for helping, but even if this doesn’t happen, you can besatisfied knowing you helped the event to happen. What about the other half ofthe events? Sit back, enjoy! Someone else is doing their service.

Chirurgeons, please remember that you must bea Chirurgeon at at least one event per year. Make sure your name is going onthe Chirurgeon report if you were there, so that at the end of the year, I canmatch events with the active Chirurgeonate. As an example, at Quest forCamelot, the Chirurgeons who made the report were myself, Mistress Tatiana, andMaster Giles. If you were there and active, contact me.

In service,

Other missives from the Retired Office
Posted by: Kenric Bjarnarson Retired Office on 7/1/2010

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