Griffin and friend (Sarah the Foole) Griffin and friend (Sarah the Foole)


Greetings Soldiers of the Griffin! I hope that the Holidays have left you well-fed, happy, and ready to start the year off on the right foot.

First of all, experiments: Mandrake
1-handed thrusting tips, and fiberglass shafted combat arrows are APPROVED. (Contact Padruig with any questions pertaining to fiberglass arrows) The experiment on 2-handed mandrake tips has ended. They are not allowed in Northshield at this time. Anything else anyone wants to do?

An excellent idea came to us from Korsvag. They held a “Scardy cat fighter night” where people who may not have armor but wanted to try armored combat, were given a chance to do so. The fighters in the area brought themselves and their armor, but did not fight a single bout. They armored up people who wanted to try fighting and taught them some of the basics of combat.

I would like to see this idea tried out in other Baronies, Shires, and groups across Northshield. Call it “Scardy cat fighter night” or “Test Drive Night” or make up your own version. It’s a great way to drum up new members from within out own ranks who may have just been reluctant or worried about using loaner armor. Let’s get people in armor and get them fighting. The more people we have to play the game with, the more fun the game becomes.

A few words on communication. We need to talk to each other more than we are now: before, during, and after the bout. If you have an issue, comment, or concern, please talk to the person that you are fighting with. If you feel the need to calibrate with your opponent, do so, it’s a common and recommended practice. If you have a problem with someone, make sure that they are the first one to hear it! (if at all possible) I cannot stress this enough. Most problems on the field are out there because the other person does not know that it is a problem. If you’ve talked to someone, and you still cannot solve it, please talk to your marshals. If the problem makes it up to me, the first thing that I will ask is if you have talked to the other individual. Talk! Talk! Talk! Please.

Finally, remember that Fighter’s School is coming up on March 11th in Windhaven. I would like to see as many fighters make it who can. We need as many armored combatants there as possible to learn, marshal, teach, or support our sport. This event is the beginning of the training for War Season! Be there...

Have Fun and Follow Kevin’s Rules™.

Other missives from the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal
Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal on 2/1/2006

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