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As is tradition, a tournament to decide the next heirs of Northshield will be held on the second weekend of May and We have discussed and decided upon entry conditions and format. Our wish is that more gentles then ever before will enter Crown Tournament knowing that sitting on the throne of Northshield is a responsibility and a great joy (please read our Kingdom laws for Crown Requirements III-1000 and article II for the rights and responsibilities). With that goal in mind We have decided on the most simple of entry criteria;

  1. Before our Coronation on April 8th 2006 send Us and the Kingdom Seneschal, a letter stating your intent to fight in crown, include your names, address, and E-mail address along with any words you would have us hear to the Northshieled Law; “Each must have been a subject of Northshield for one year immediately before the Crown Tournament and be able to demonstrate a reasonable level of participation in diverse activities in Northshield during that period.” We will use these letters to determine if the couple is acceptable to us.

  2. On the Day of the Tournament (i.e.; not in the letter of intent), in accordance with the laws of Society and Kingdom, your consort and yourself must present
    – To the Kingdom Seneschal;
    a. Proof of age over 18 years
    b. Proof of valid membership and access to the Northwatch
    – And to the Kingdom Earl Marshall;
    c. Proof of valid Northshield authorization

We will use these items to determine if the couple is acceptable to Our Laws.

Please Note, This is a different format than previous tournaments – all items required by Kingdom Law (listed above) must be valid and in your hands on the morning of the event, if anything is missing you will not be able to participate. We are trying to simplify the process by only requiring items needed by law and only needing to see them once.

  1. The Tournament will commence after the presentation of the combatants and consorts. If greater than 16 combatants, it will be standard double elimination tourney, best 2 of 3 for the finals. If 16 or fewer combatants take the field, every bout is 2 of 3, double elimination tourney (like the past NS crowns). The first round will be a random challenge round. Combatants may choose any legal heavy tourney weapon style at the start of each fight. There will be no need to match your opponent chosen style or requirements of weapons diversity.

  2. There is no A&S project required for this tournament. We are confident that all entrants will have respect and show support for the Arts, Science, and Service portions of the Society, without which the Crown would mean little. We will honor their letter of intent as agreement to uphold and defend all aspects of Northshield.

Upon the weekend preceding Crown, we will be choosing our champions in three tournaments. Please see the missive of Master Tarik detailing our Arts and Science competition format (pages 11-13). Please see the missive of our Sleeve Holder, Warder Cyveiliog “Cy” McKinely for the format to determine our Rapier Champion (page 13), and, see the rules for becoming the heavy weapons Champion detailed by THL Vlad on the event’s website.

It is our hope that these competitions will be well attended as they are to decided who we will showcase in the various champions competitions to come during Our Reign. Each winner will have a place in our retinue and we will value their counsel, as they will have shown the willingness, drive, and skill to best their peers.

Yours in Service,
Lars and Mary

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Lars I and Mary I Their Royal Highnesses on 3/1/2006

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