Leif & Siegfried doing their calisthenics Leif & Siegfried doing their calisthenics


Greetings Armored Combatants! TOC was an awesome event. Great fighting, great teaching, and some bone-crunching melee practice. I know that I had fun, and I look forward to doing this again next year.

This will be a short column but full of information that many of you have asked me over the last few weeks. Remember: if you need clarifications or have questions, feel free to ask me or your regionals. We will find out the answers and then make sure that everyone knows. Once the new rules pass at the Society level, we will update our rules to reflect those changes and all of the changes that have been building up over the last few months.

Siloflex is legal. We do not anticipate this changing any time soon.

“Whippy Polearms”. There is no hard and fast rule for determining an excessively whippy pole-arm. It is up to the discretion of the marshals. If the pole arm keeps going for a foot or two when you’re done swinging, it is too whippy. Usually, if it is legal (more than 1.25’’ in diameter) it won’t be too whippy. Marshals, make sure you ask around and get a good consensus of marshals on a whippy pole arm. Remember: we are asking if the flexibility of the weapons makes it unsafe. Additionally, using a whippy pole-arm to get hits that you could not normally get violates the spirit of our game and takes the fun out of what we are doing.

You can put a basket hilt on anything that you want as long as it does not come into illegal contact with your opponent because of how it is designed. An example of a working design would be a basket hilt on a great weapon or a spear.

There are some contradictions in the scouting rules as to when a scout can and cannot be on the battlefield. We are waiting for the Society re-write of the rules before we rewrite our rules. For now, scouts can function in combat with missile weapons. For clarification, I will be posting the current rules that we are operating under to the Northshield site and the Northshield lists.

Marshals: make sure that you get a copy of authorization reports to the Clerk of the Roster! I will be helping her bug you on this.

The Tilt Test is the standard for helmet inspection. Your neck must remain covered through the full range of motion of your helmet per society rules: “The neck (larynx and cervical vertebrae) must stay covered during typical combat situations to include turning the head, lifting the chin, etc.”

We would also like to see the interior of helmets inspected once every six months and at first appearance on the field. What we are looking for is damage, excessive rust, loose rivets, and projections that might harm the wearer.

I will be traveling to Fighter’s School (11 March), Tournament of Champions (1 April), Coronation (8 April), Road to the Isle (22 April), and tentatively melee practice in Bizmark (29 April).

Have fun and follow Kevin’s Rules™

(Oh, everyone remember to check the renewal date on your membership and renew! I just did mine…)

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Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal on 3/1/2006

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