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Greetings Citizens of Northshield,

We’d like to start off by congratulating Queen Aesa and Kitadate-tenno on having a wonderful and successful reign. The Kingdom of Northshield is stronger for their efforts. We would also like to thank everyone involved in making our time as heirs fun and enjoyable, and look forward to your continued support as your Sovereigns.

Winter has come and gone in our homeland, and as the ground thaws and life begins anew, so too begins the bustling of man and the wars that creates. Our reign will be one wrought with ‘strife’, as many of the Kingdoms surrounding us wish to test the strength of our still fledgling Kingdom. I’d like to give them the answer they seek, and prove through strength of arms that Northshield is a proud and fierce kingdom, and deserving of our place in the known world.

During our reign we will are planning on being principles in four armed conflicts agaisnt our neigbors. First, the Outlands will test us at Quest for Camelot. Then Calontir shall march North for Ages of War. Then the Midrealm will be escalating hostilities in our eastern lands at Border Skirmish. And finally, armed by the knowledge of our many conflicts, and sensing weakness the Principality of Avacal shall come from South at Moorish Tavern. It is my hope that these events will be well attended, as a kingdom’s strength is greatly bolstered by good relations with its neighbors.

We will also be in attendance at Lillies War and Pennsic War. Though we are not principals in these conflicts, we are traditionally well represented, and that is a tradition that I would very much like to keep up.

For these many wars, we will need gifts to bear to our neighboring monarchs so that they may know that this is all in good will. We will need help in the form of donations for gift baskets, and thank you in advance for your aid.

Yours in service,
Prinz Lars and Prinzessn Mary

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Lars I and Mary I Their Royal Highnesses on 4/1/2006

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