Lilith of Rolling Oaks and Arabella Nicola Giovanni Lilith of Rolling Oaks and Arabella Nicola Giovanni

November 2010 Northwatch Missive

Tothe Populace from Kenric comes this greeting,

Aswinter draws nigh and fall’s time is fleeting,

ThoughI like events, they are all great fun,

Inthe two coming months, I’ll be only at S.U.N.

Forall event stewards, when filing report,

Pleasetry to be thorough, as well as just short.

Werethere chirurgeons, if so, name them all;

Andwas there an injury or ambulance call?

Soif there was not even a single scraped knee,

Say,“We had no Chirurgeon, and no injury.”

Forif you say, “none,” I still do not know,

IfChirurgeons weren’t busy or just didn’t show.


Chirurgeons,from you I would also hear,

Toshow you do service one event a year.

Nextmonth, to me, you should send your Domesday,

Ifyou want, on the warrant list, your names to stay.

Soends this missive with my refrain,

ToNorthshield, in service, I remain,

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Posted by: Kenric Bjarnarson Retired Office on 11/1/2010

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