Mehndi (henna) Mehndi (henna)

January 2011 Northwatch Missive

Happy New Year Northshield

Well another year ends and a new one begins.We have seen a great year with much excitement and many changes. New groupshave been elevated and recognized. New Barons and Baroness have been seated ontheir thrones. Successful Crown Tournaments have been held and the successionof the Royal Family has been continued. Events and demos have been heldthroughout this great Kingdom of ours to the enjoyment of us all.

None of this could happen without the activeparticipation of the most important people in our Society--you all. The peopleof Northshield continue to show why our catch phrase “It’s Great to beNorthshield” is more than just something people say. It is how we live, playand enjoy each others company.

There are many great events coming up thismonth and next. If you are able to make any of them, please make sure youtravel safely, and enjoy yourself. Try to go to one you have not made in thepast to get to meet some new friends.

Speaking of our events, Spring Coronation andCrown Tournament sites have not yet been set since we do not have bids in yet.Time is rapidly running out on us and we need to have these in immediately.

Have a great New Year and hope to see yousoon.

I Remain,

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Posted by: David de Bohun Kingdom Seneschal on 1/1/2011

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