HE Kitakaze Tatsu Raito, half of the winning team at the AS XLII Gulf Wars Diamond Tournament HE Kitakaze Tatsu Raito, half of the winning team at the AS XLII Gulf Wars Diamond Tournament


Tidings of summer are upon us

The month of May gave us Heirs to see this grand Kingdom through the winter months and our fist war excursions against (and with) our cousins of Outlands and Calontir. We hope everyone on all sides had a good weekends, we thank all who contributed to Quest and Ages of War and to all those who traveled both north and south, east and west to meet on the friendly fields of combat.   We also thank the Honorable Lady Katriona for arranging one of the larger Crown Tournaments in recent memory and finally, congratulations again to the Victor and His Inspiration.

We are looking forward to the short but strenuous War season.  We will meet at Mermaids to hone our skills of sword and bow, then we take our force south to Lilies to fight for the honor of the Laurels or the Pelicans, please make every effort to attend either or both of these fine events.  With Our borders on so many Kingdoms and Principalities there are those who will continue to test us. We hear that the Dragon Army will be massing in June and Avacol will be on our land in July —Northshield must rally to show that although we are a new Kingdom, we are a strong one.

Finally, the two largest events in our reign, WW and Pennsic war. WW will have something for everyone and we know we do not need to encourage attendance but we do encourage any award recommendations to be submitted early so our good scribes have ample time to work. This will be our second year as a Kingdom at Pennsic War and the attendance last year was wonderful. We would like to eclipse those numbers this year with more fighters, fencers, archers, shoppers, water bearers, bardic circle singers and any and all that love to see the Society gather and live for a brief time each year. The question of Pennsic is who will we declare for.  Although our Kingdom is courted by both the East and the Middle, We have decided to go with the Kingdom with fewer allies.  The last two years have been extremely unbalanced and we hope that by allying our forces with the underdog we will help even out the sides and create a better experience for everyone. The official declaration can not be done in advance as so many Kingdoms have not yet decided but we call on all our citizens to support the Kingdom of Northshield support the spirit of Pennsic.

May we all prosper this summer.

Yours in service
King Lars and Queen Mary

Other missives from the Their Royal Majesties
Posted by: Lars I and Mary I Their Royal Majesties on 6/1/2006

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