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March 2011 Northwatch Missive


The biggest news is that the SCA incorporated the state ofMichigan into its own corporation, SCA – Michigan, Inc. The UP groups areactively switching over to the new subsidiary corporation. This is the lastsubsidiary that is scheduled in the near future for the areas in the Kingdom ofNorthshield. Hopefully we won’t have any surprise subsidiary requirements inthe next year *fingers crossed*.

The first quarter ends at the end of March, so please makeplans to start your first quarter reports on the new reporting forms. If youdon’t have these, please join the SCA-Exchequers yahoo group as all the formsare in the Files section of this group website. Also, if you are an exchequerand not currently a part of the ns-exchequer@mailman.northshield.org pleasejoin this email list as well.

Again I will remind all of you, if your group has not had areview of the books within the last 2 years or if your exchequer position hasturned over, please schedule a review with your regional exchequer. Also, if youhaven’t already added me to your bank accounts as a signer, please start thatprocess.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Withthe subsidiaries SCA – Wisconsin and SCA – Michigan now active, not to mentionthe existing different SCA incorporation of SCA – Canada, understanding how torecord income or expenses coming from a different incorporation (SCA, Inc., SCA– Canada, Inc., SCA – Wisconsin, Inc., SCA – Michigan, Inc.) is a very timelytip. Any income coming to your group from another incorporation of the SCAshould be recorded as a Direct Contribution. Any expense paid out to anotherincorporation of the SCA should be recorded as a donation to another 501c3non-profit group.

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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3/1/2011

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