This picture is about 30 years old. He is still active in Northshield. Do you know who this is today? This picture is about 30 years old. He is still active in Northshield. Do you know who this is today?

March 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings! Here we are in March - I love March. It meansGulf Wars which is an awesome war for A&S. They have organized week-longimmersion areas in addition to the 1-2 hour classes, plus there are camps setup to allow participants to fall head-first into their area of study. Such asthe Middle Eastern encampment and the outdoor dye shop. I’d like to see more ofthese happen in Northshield. And maybe they are happening and most of us arenot hearing about them, which is fine except we lose the ‘leak your geek’encouragement aspect. Maybe we should have a class on how to advertise theA&S activities at your event or local moot? Would that help?

 I’m making plans withthe Lamb to Loom event folks to add acompetition to their immersion event and will be looking at the calendar to addmore chances to compete.

We need to start learning about competitions, Northshieldpeople who have no idea how these work. So I am going to hold a series of EntryReview Competitions for a number of months. You will bring your entry anddocumentation and will go through the judging process, complete to getting ascore and comment sheets and a chance to talk to people who have done this andwant to help. It would be good to have experienced people also competing, sonewer entrants can learn by observation. You talk to as many people as you canor want, and go home to improve your entry. For you won’t be competing againstother people, you will be competing against yourself, attempting to improveyour score from one competition to the next.

And some of us will get so hooked (I believe) that they willgo on to represent us at the Known World competitions held at the wars. Takingthe field for the Honor of Northshield with needle or hammer or whatever thetools of your craft. Others will be advocates for in-kingdom master-levelcompetitions and similar, with prizes and recognition based on score. I thinkit will be fun.

There will also be a series of classes on ‘How to JudgeA&S Entries” which go hand-and-hand with this progression of competitions.

This information will have already been posted to the Hallby now, but I would like to be like a broken record on the subject. I hope thishelps encourage you to take part.

Similarly, Toki Magnusson has been calling for submissionsto the Northwatch on the Northshield Hall. I add my voice to his and ask thatyou consider publishing an article in the Northwatch. Full information on theNorthshield website.

Finally, I would remind every event steward to get yourA&S activities posted to your websites. Artisans need time to create andprepare. Thank you for helping us take part in your competition or display.

I hope you have a happy and creative month! Keep your handsbusy.


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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 3/1/2011

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