The aftermath of Moooooooooooo BOOM! The aftermath of Moooooooooooo BOOM!

April 2011 Northwatch Missive

Foolish greetings to all as winter takes its leave of us. The world turns to warmer days and mud. Mud, that season which comes to Northshield between winter and summer. There are a few fun things in this issue and I hope you enjoy. Unfortunately, the rest of this missive has to be very serious.

Primus. This missive was going to be my farewell to you, at least in this medium, but as oftimes happens, the world has changed a bit. THL Berengaria will be succeeding me, as planned, as Chronicler at Spring Coronation but I will be staying on for a time as Editor of the Northwatch. While Berengaria concentrates on the changes that are needed to policies as we move towards electronic publication next year, I will continue to produce this newsletter, albeit it in a modified form. (Please see the letter from SCA Corporate on page 12 and the FAQ on page 13/14.) After Coronation, all communication with the Chronicler should continue to use and communication with the Northwatch should use

Secundus. Speaking of changes. Starting with the May issue, all events will be allowed one free half-page ad in the Northwatch. Events in May may have ads in both this month and in May but events from June on will get only one free ad. Since Corporate will be cutting the stipends to the kingdoms by 60% as of the next quarter, this will make it a lot easier to keep those issues within budget. This policy will include Crowns,  Coronations, and other kingdom events such as Officers’ Day, A&S Faires, and other events that we have allowed a full page in the past. This policy can be found at:

Tertius. Another change that we must implement beginning with the next issue is to cut back on the content of this newsletter to save money. We will no longer have space for much besides what is required (if you would like to see the full list, please email me at I still hope that we can continue with original art on the covers and to fill white space so please continue to share your work with me. If I have space, I will publish what I can.
Quartus. I would like to thank Damian Caxton for his time as Kingdom Archivist/Historian. Unfortunately, life had a way of happening and he was unable to do as much with the position as we both had hoped he would. I would like to thank all of the applicants who applied for this position, especially for their patience as we have worked through the transition for this office, and I am pleased to announce that Geirfold halvblindi Kolbeinson will be stepping into this position immediately.

Quod denique. Even though I am continuing on as Editor of this publication, I do want to thank those that have supported me for these twenty-seven issues. My predecessors, Friedrich and Osric, for continued support (Friedrich has continued as Northwatch Exchequer since he stepped down from the office, and Osric has been invaluable in his office as Kingdom Information Officer supplying me with the calendar and event ads.) They, along with many others, have helped me proofread every month to provide the kingdom with the best possible publication that we can give you. Thank you to everyone who has submitted artwork or articles, whether on purpose or just because you sent it to me because you thought I would enjoy it and I asked to share it with all. Thanks especially to Thora and Simonis, such talented artists, who came through for me more times than I’ll ever be able to count. To all of the Royalty for the last two-plus years, the Great Officers, and those that read these words: Thank you all. And finally, my wonderful husband and life-partner, Giles, who put up with me disappearing into these pages for at least a week every month. Words will never be enough.

I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the

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Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Kingdom Chronicler on 4/1/2011

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