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June 2011 Northwatch Missive


I am certain by now you have heard from Ulfhildr Þegjandi, Northstar Editor, about new directionfor the Northstar, which is going tobecome a more inclusive newsletter for articles, poems, artwork and more forNorthshield. Changes to the Northwatchhave left us without room in that publication, and I am very happy thatElashava is working with us to move the A&S articles into the Northstar.

Starting here in June, I’m going to reach out two months toshare A&S opportunities in the Kingdom. This is to give you time to preparefor competitions and to volunteer to teach. First to bring your attention tothe good events in June - I’m going to concentrate this report on the ones whohave strong A&S information on their event websites. So, I direct yourattention to Pirates, Knaves and Idiots, an event hosted by Noiregarde. Thisevent challenges you to build a period boat! The website also mentions bardicopportunities and chemical experiments making your own ink. The Lusty Day inthe Western Keep is encouraging people to bring projects to work on and share.Moorish Tavern in Midewinde offers one of my favorite competitions, theirperiod encampment challenge; I hope to hear good things this year again! Andthe Woodland Romp, hosted by Skerjastrond, is providing both fighting anddyeing - both activities I enjoy.

But by the time this missive reaches you, you have less timeto prepare something for a June display or competition. So let’s move into July- Warrior and Warlords is holding a competition, a great chance to learn howyou can improve your documentation or your display, a chance to discuss yourwork with interested people. WW also has a strong class schedule. Shadows Warand Urdhr’s Well, both hosted by Schattentor, are having A&S displays. MareAmethystinum is offering numerous challenges at Thatsa Mare, including one forhighlander games. And Orlova Dolina promises that as soon as this May snow isgone, they will give us more information about their A&S Competition.

Most, although not all, of these events have class space. Ifyou are of a mind to teach at an event you are attending, contact the eventsteward. I am almost certain the event will benefit by your participation andyou will enjoy the experience, so go for it!

Enjoy the camping season and our summer events, whether youenter the displays or just enjoy them, whether you continue to work your needleat Court or take the opportunity to pull the the dishing stump or the loom outto teach a class out of doors. And as you please,

Keep Your Hands Busy!


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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 6/1/2011

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