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January Missive


It is with highest hope this missive finds you well. Winter is deep in its fortification here in our beloved lands of Northshield. It is in these times of cold and dark we of Northshield find our resiliency. It is in these times we of the Griffin remember to redouble our efforts to take care of each other and ourselves. And it is in these times we look forward to the opportunities to share joy and fun with each other.

We are pleased to proclaim Her Highness’s Princess Sleeve tournament will be held at Die by the Sword in Our Shire of Trewint. Fight like never before, as we are looking for the greatest fighter in the land. We hope it will be a time filled with the magic of the Dream.

One of the first times, I, Ciarán, experienced the Dream in its full effect was at Armorgeddon. The army of Northshield was arrayed against the vast hoards of Calontir. Four friends and I had giant war shields and lined up on the shieldwall. On and on came the waves of the Falcon. We were like stone against the ocean. Eventually the tide swept over us, but it was grand to stand with my friends, to strive with a common cause and persevere even in defeat. But that was not the best part.

There had been a great deal of effort to make this happen, by all of us, going to Armorgeddon, but it was impressive to see the evident effort put in by everyone else who also attended. Just as it was evident of the herculean effort to it all together for all to enjoy. But that was not even the best part. The sun set on a glorious day. Night fell and jovial gatherings began. It was wonderful to gather around a fire and share food, drink, and stories. We saw smiles and heard laughter and drums. I wish I could adequately describe how intoxicating, how warm, how nice it was to experience. Even that was not the best.

The best part happened just after I had to take a break from the festivities (for even the best times can become too much). I walked up a road in the dark of the night. The wind whistled in the pines, the stars were crisp and a scent of campfires and pine sap flowed gently. I turned around to go back down the hill and saw the Dream. A vale filled with the campfires of good friends sharing delicious feasts, songs and stories. The campfires of knights and warriors dotted the land below. The delicious feasts of artisans were being shared and enjoyed. It was a place I knew well, but before it had only been in my mind.

We continue to seek this experience as royalty, and hope to give that gift to others.

It is fun.

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill
Ciarán and Elis

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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Highnesses on 12/11/2019

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