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Greetings Armored Combatants!

This is the summer war season and I know that we’re all busy repairing weapons and armor, so I’ll be brief:

  1. Please read the Earl Marshal’s Northwatch missive. It directly affects the armored combat community.
  2. With the changes to the Society Combat rules coming soon, we will be looking at a re-write to the Northshield Armored Combat rules. If you have anything that bothers you, that you would like to see change, or any typos that are nagging you, please send them to me: kacm@northshield.org
  3. Please remember that all single-handed weapons must have a guard of some sort by the hand. That guard cannot penetrate more than 1/2’’ into a legal helmet’s face guard.
  4. Drink water!

Travel Schedule: August 4-6 - Poor Man’s Pennsic XIV, September 14-17 – Northshield Coronation/Sir Cecil’s Seige, October 14 – Fall Crown Tourney in Darkstone, and perhaps a few others.

Fight hard and follow Kevin’s Rules™

Other missives from the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal
Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal on 8/1/2006

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