The Warriors of NS on shirtless kitchen duty The Warriors of NS on shirtless kitchen duty


Greetings Great Citizens of Northshield,

This is our final missive as the Forth King and Queen and we thank everyone for their help and inspiration. We were the first Royals to sit the Griffon Throne without benefit of local birth or previous experience and We are impressed with the Kingdom as a whole and the singular generosity of a few individuals and groups. We will be recognizing those who impacted Us the most at Coronation but every person who coordinated an event, helped carry a throne, offered advice or assistance, donated time to retain and those who stood by Us in battle have Our thanks and made this past 11 months wonderful.

Before we pass the duties and responsibilities on to Our Heirs, we would like to mention a few things that will extend past our reign. First, We are still pursuing Society Minimums for the fighting community in order to make fighting more available to all. Second, two dedicated Ladies, Sabina and Generys, have created a wonderful opportunity for the youth of the Kingdom to contribute to the future war chest of Northshield. We fully support this and have put our signature, along side Our Heirs, on this challenge. Last, there are projects that transcend a single reign so We ask for you to continue to fundraise and support the Endowment Fund, continue inter Kingdom events such as Ages of War and Border Raids, and, travel to see the whole society and bring back the best you see to benefit Northshield.

Thank you all again for the experience, the opportunity to reward others for their work, and all the fun. This reign has been one that We will never forget and we hope to duplicate.

Yours in Service
Lars and Mary
4th King and Queen of Northshield

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Posted by: Lars I and Mary I Their Royal Majesties on 9/1/2006

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