TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars TRM Eilis & Hagan at the Opening Ceremonies of AS XLII Gulf Wars

February Missive

Hello all,

Herald stuff: For the past several years, Mira Keythong has led the way with frequent consulting tables. When the populace of Northshield has easy access to a knowledgeable herald who can assist them with researching and registering a name and/or device, they are more likely to actually do that. Consulting tables don’t run themselves, though. Please consider volunteering to sit at one for just an hour or two. You will learn SO much, and hopefully help others learn too. If you are interested, please reach out to Mira or me for more details.

Scribal stuff: I have fielded several requests regarding peerage scrolls. Specifically, vigilants (or long-time Peers who never got a scroll) are looking to commission scribes to take on peerage scroll assignments. Please contact Marcial or me if you have capacity, or would like to know more about how peerage scroll commissions work.

Warm regards,


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Posted by: Katerinka Lvovicha Polaris Herald on 1/14/2020

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