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September 2011 Northwatch Missive


Group MoASs -I encourage all of you to complete a report this quarter by September 1st or assoon as possible. I will be contacting anyone who does not, just to check inand make sure your job is going smoothly.

Also for thegroup MoAS - The updated manual is up on Northshield’s website with the newreporting dates. Please be aware of what is in it.

For allgentles of Northshield - One of the joys of FaceBook is seeing the posts by thepeople who are raising buildings, hammering out armor, sewing and weaving andresearching garb. There are pictures and conversation and it’s pretty cool. SoI don’t want to discourage you from using it but want to build awareness inwhat I see as a problem. One, we must all be friended to each other to easilysee each other’s work. Second, not everyone is on or wants to be on FaceBook orhave huge friends lists. There is nothing wrong with using FaceBook to sharewith each other and yet I can’t help but wonder if I or some other member ofthe Kingdom needs to be exploring other options that feed your posts toFaceBook and other social networking sites for you. I’d like to know what youthink. There is a conversation at www.jonya.com/arts and Iwelcome your participation. You can also email me at moas@northshield.org.

Part of myjob is to report to Society the work we are doing in Northshield. And itdoesn’t have to necessarily be a detailed report, no, but because all of ourreports go into the archival records, I want them to be as inclusive as we canbe. I want our archival records to prove that A&S is alive and well here,we are doing awesome work. The group MoASs are doing a great job in passingwhat they hear about to me. Gentles, please know who your MoAS is and shareyour work. If your group doesn’t have an MoAS, feel free to email me directly.Thank you,

Keep yourhands busy!

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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 10/12/2011

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