Ailill MacBaird de Kermikal Ailill MacBaird de Kermikal

October 2011 Northwatch Missive


Firstly, the polypropylene swordexperiment is closed in Northshield.

Second, as a matter of clarification,the authorizations for Great Sword and polearm were combined into the currentGreat Weapon authorization. This combined authorization DOES NOT include spear.Spear is a SEPERATE authorization.

Several important items came out ofthe KEM meeting at Pennsic. One of the most important is that there have been anumber of safety issues with metallic tape. The tape has been flaking off onimpact and small metallic pieces have been getting into people's eyes. As ofOctober 1, 2011 metallic tape is NO LONGER to be used to tape rattanweapons. Weapons using metallic tape will be failed.

As a clarification to the contrastingtape rule, the blade and the thrusting tip MAY BE the same color. The blade andthe thrusting tip need only contrast with the flat of the blade, not eachother.

All Kingdom Earl Marshals beeninstructed by the Society Earl Marshal to develop and implement appearancestandards for heavy. I will be developing and implementing these standards,gradually over the several months.

As of January 1, 2012, flame tape,logo tape (smiley faces, hello kitty, ect.) and camouflage tape will no longerbe acceptable for use in taping weapons. Weapons taped in this fashion will befailed.


Other missives from the Kingdom Earl Marshal
Posted by: Stephen du Bois Kingdom Earl Marshal on 10/12/2011

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