Thora Hrafnsteinn Ornolfsdottir Thora Hrafnsteinn Ornolfsdottir

November 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings unto thePopulace of Northshield, and especially the hard working Chirurgeons,

It is now November,and with November comes the winter months. Camping events are over for theseason and more one day travel events are approaching. Take care in yourtravels and keep some warm blankets in your car just in case.

Just some reminderfor the Chirurgeons: Domesday reports are due by December 1 for all chirurgeonsand Chirurgeon-in-training. You MUST report and include a photo-copy of First Aid,C.P.R., and SCA Membership, event reports are due within 2 weeks after theevent, and any incidents involving minors or requiring *medical* interventionMUST be reported to me within 24 hours. This includes: any time EMT orparamedics are called, when anyone is recommended or sent to a hospital orclinic (including urgent care) from site, or if a formal referral is made to anon-site or off-site MD. These incidents MUST be reported to me within 24 hours,whether or not the person actually follows through with medical intervention.

The winter monthsare a little slow for me with travels. I am intending to make Boar's Head: Maraudersof the Waterways, Vikings to Conquistadores on Saturday, December 3, 2011 inBarony of Caer Anterth Mawr (West Bend WI) and It's Only a Flesh Wound onSaturday, January 28, 2012 in Barony of Jararvellir (Jefferson WI). If thereare any events you would like me to try and attend please contact me.

I am still lookingfor a Western Regional Chirurgeon. If you are interested please contact me.

Other missives from the Retired Office
Posted by: Fiona the Younger Retired Office on 11/1/2011

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