How to amuse Royalty!?! How to amuse Royalty!?!

November 2011 Northwatch Missive


Iwill start this month by reminding everyone that the Society has very specificrules regarding engaging in martial activities while under the influence ofeither drugs or alcohol. Section III (B.5), The Conventions of Combatspecifically prohibit this.

Iwould like to thank Master Giles for serving as Kingdom Rapier Marshal andwelcome Don Edward of Kent as the new KRM.

Rumorsare not rule changes. If a “change” has not been published by my office, thenthere has been no change. In regards to this the light foam axe heads made byseveral SCA vendors, these were discussed at the KEM meeting at Pennsic,however, per the Society Earl Marshal these axe heads are list legal only withadditional padding added to the striking surface. This ruling may change in thenear future so standby for further developments.

Thefollowing rule changes are effective as of November 1, 2011.

Membersof the Order of Chivalry are no longer automatically marshals. Anyone whoreceived a warrant under the old rule are grandfathered in and will remain aswarranted marshals

ALLmarshals (including Marshals of the Field) are required to file aDomesday report. Failure to file a Domesday will be taken as your resignationfrom the office of marshal. Domesday reports are due on December 1st.

Therequired information for a Domesday report for a Marshal of the field is: Name(both mundane and SCA), contact information, member number and expiration dateand what you are warranted in (I do not require a separate Domesday for each warrantyou may hold). Note: In order to be a marshal of the field you must paidmember. I will issue a reminder that these reports are due closer to the duedate.

Havefun, play hard, be safe,

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Posted by: Stephen du Bois Kingdom Earl Marshal on 11/1/2011

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