HRM Eilis & Majer Déva at Gulf Wars HRM Eilis & Majer Déva at Gulf Wars

July 2011 Northwatch Missive

The heat is already upon us and hopefully the crops are prospering in the fields so that when the snows fly all in Northshield can feed their families-
Primus. I apologize to anyone who did not receive their Northwatch in a timely manner in May but the weather is beyond my control just as the US Postal Service is. In the future, if you have trouble receiving your newsletter, please contact me directly and I will do what I can to get you whatever information you desire.
Secundus. I am still seeking a successor. If you are interested in the position, please contact me.
Tertius. I have received a few comments about the new format of this publication. If you wish to express your pleasure or displeasure, please contact me at I have cut out the full addresses for most of the deputies in the Kingdom Directory, keeping only phone numbers and email addresses as of this issue and I hope this does not cause problems.
Quartus. I offer my gratitude to THL Paul Wickenden of Thanet for his sponsorship of this issue as well as his continued sponsorship of the Northwatch over the years. His Lordship has made it a personal tradition to sponsor the newsletter every July. If you or your branch, guild, or household is interested in sponsoring an issue and earning the gratitude of the whole kingdom, please go to for more information.
Quod denique. July should find me traveling to Warriors & Warlords.
I remain, in service to Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~

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Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Kingdom Chronicler on 10/12/2011

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