Northshield's Siege Tower and its architect (Ed the Tall) at Pennsic 27 (1997) Northshield's Siege Tower and its architect (Ed the Tall) at Pennsic 27 (1997)

December 2011 Northwatch Missive


First, effective on 01/01/12, Cut andThrust will become a stand-alone authorization. There will no longer be arequirement to have a Rapier authorization in order to attempt a Cut and Thrustauthorization.

The following are rules changes forarmored combat that have been enacted by the Society Earl Marshal. Unlessotherwise noted in this missive they take effect immediately.

Change page 10

NEW VERSION OF RULE: VI.ARMOR REQUIREMENTS A. All participants on the field during adult armored combatshall meet the Society minimum armor standards for a fully armored combatant.This includes, but is not limited to, combat archers, siege engineers and othercombatants. It does not include Marshals, Waterbearers, or Chirurgeons. Allauthorized combatants and warranted Marshals shall disguise, cover, or removemodern corporate logos and sport gear unless necessary for medical reasons.
Special attention should be paid to appearance and the atmosphere of a medievalevent should be maintained.

This rule change will not go into effectin Northshield until 01/01/2012.As a heads up you can expect appearancestandards to be established for all combat genres (mostly centered on thedisplay of corporate logos). I have had several lengthy conversations with theSociety Earl Marshal on this and I am well versed in what his intent is as wellas the letter of the law. If you have questions, please contact me.

ADD TO PAGE 13: VII WEAPONS STANDARDS, A: GENERAL 14. No “punch daggers” orthrusting weapons that have the blade or tip more perpendicular than parallelto the grip.. 15. No shovel type handles on any thrusting weapon.

ADD TO PAGE 13: VII WEAPONS STANDARDS, A: GENERAL 15. Weapons under 48” ( 1.22m) or greater than 7’ 6” ( 2.29 m ) in length shall not have a butt spike or athrusting tip at both ends.

Changeon page 14: VII WEAPONS STANDARDS, C: Two-Handed Weapons, #3:

NEW VERSION OF RULE: 5. If the weapon has a head, it shall not be constructedof solely rigid materials. The head shall be firmly and securely attached tothe haft. The head shall allow at least 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) of progressive givebetween the striking surface and the weapon haft. Semi-rigidultra-lightweight shaped foam heads and laminated or split rattanconstruction techniques do not require 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) of progressive give,so long as their construction imparts striking characteristics similar to anunpadded weapon constructed of a single piece of rattan.

This contradicts my missive on this in last month's Northwatch, it should benoted that I stated in that missive that the current ruling on these materialswas likely to change in the near future. These materials are now legal withoutadditional padding.

Addition to page 20: XII COMBAT INJURY PROCEDURES Add: B. All injuries thatrequire hospitalization or similar care, a period of unconsciousness, or mayrequire future medical care need to be reported to your KEM within 24 hours ofthe incident. Include all available details in the report.

Change page 8 in Siege Engine Handbook. III Siege Ammunition, B

NEW VERSION OF RULE: B. Siege Class Munitions (1-pound foam-filled rocks,4-tennis-ball rocks, and 48-inch ballista bolts) must be colored with yellowtape in the following manners to denote them as Siege Class Munitions. Rocks,both 1-pound foam and 4-tennis-ball, must have at least 50% of their surfacescovered with yellow tape. Ballista bolts made with
Siloflex that is not yellow in color must have the entire first 12” ( 30 cm)and the last 12” ( 30 cm) of their shafts and striking surfaces coveredcompletely with yellow tape. These munitions may not be fired from small armsor thrown by hand.

Change page 9 in Siege Engine Handbook. III Siege Ammunition, E, #2:


2. Spliced golf tube javelins.Splices must be secured with cord and/or filament tape. Striking tips may beeither a single tennis ball, tied on and taped with filament and duct tape, ora thrusting tip with a minimum of 3 inches (76mm) of foam between the strikingsurface and the end of the javelin and a minimum diameter of 2 inches (50mm).
It must have at least 1 inch of progressive give and cannot bottom on the tube.Additionally, the end of the tube must be capped with a minimum of 1/8-inch(3mm) heavy leather or a 35mm film container securely held in place withfilament tape.
The tubes may be reinforced with medium-density foam, such as pipe insulation,in order to prevent crush damage. Film canisters, PVC rings (no more than 2inches (50mm) long), and similar non-brittle, nonmetallic, lightweightreinforcements (securely attached) may be used at the butt end of the javelin.
Non-rigid fletching may be used. Javelins will be at least 48 inches (1.22 m)in length and clearly marked with yellow tape as described in section B. forthe length of the shaft.



4. A shield with a shield basket or equivalent. A shield alone is NOTsufficient, since it covers the back of the hand, but not the fingers, thumb,or wrist.

NEW VERSION OF RULE 4.A shield with a shield basket or equivalent. A shield alone is NOT sufficient,since it covers the back of the hand, but not the fingers, thumb, or wrist. Ashield alone may be an equivalent to full hand protection if no part of thegloved hand or wrist is within 4 inches (10.2cm) of the edge of the shieldwhile the shield is in use.

Northshield WILL NOT be going to this new relaxed standard..We will stay with the previous rules regarding hand protection behind shields.

In service,


Other missives from the Kingdom Earl Marshal
Posted by: Stephen du Bois Kingdom Earl Marshal on 12/1/2011

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