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April 2012 Northwatch Missive

With spring here and summer quicklyapproaching, it is once again time for camping events, and camping events meansoutdoor fun in the sun. Just a quick reminder to check your camping gear tomake sure everything is in order. Check your first aid kits for expiredmedications and don’t forget to add the sun block. Most of all stay hydratedand have fun.
For those who are interested in the Chirurgeonate, but are not sure how tobecome a Chirurgeon, here is the information you need. In order to be acceptedas a Chirurgeon, a candidate must apply to the Kingdom Chirurgeon in writing.The application must include: a statement of desire from the candidate tobecome a Chirurgeon-in-Training; proof of current first-aid certification oracceptable equivalent; proof of CPR certification; proof of age of majority;the candidate's SCA name, legal name, address, and telephone number; and proofof membership in the SCA. The application can be found on the Kingdom ofNorthshield website, under forms on the Chirurgeon Officers page. Also if youhave any questions or you are interested in the Regional Chirurgeon (MN, ND,SD, Manitoba, and Ontario) position you can email me atchirurgeon@northshield.org.

Safetravels and fun camping,

Fionathe Younger

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Posted by: Fiona the Younger Retired Office on 4/1/2012

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