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March 2012 Northwatch Missive


First, I would like to thank mypredecessor, THL David de Bohun, for staying on as my Emergency Deputy afterstepping down. His mentorship and friendship have been incredibly helpful to meas I have gotten accustomed to this role! David, you’re the best!

Second, please welcome HE Kita JuruToramassa to the role of Emergency Deputy. He will also continue to serve asPlains Regional Seneschal. He brings a lot of wonderful experience and skill tothe role, and it’s a great comfort to have such a capable person as my backup.

In addition, the position of KingdomWaiver Secretary has been assumed by Lady Æsa Hauksdottir, so please make sureto use the new address. Thank you to HE Setembrina Bramante for doing this jobso capably for such a long time!


Marwen de la Rivere

Kingdom Seneschal

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Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Kingdom Seneschal on 3/1/2012

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