Margit Weaver and friend demonstrating their arts Margit Weaver and friend demonstrating their arts

February 2012 Northwatch Missive

Friends,Heralds, Northshielders...wash out your ears and listen close!

Theinsanity of the holiday season just past at this writing has kept me from beingas organized as I'd like about getting a missive into this issue, but I do wantto enumerate a few points:

1. Wehave a mailing list. Use it! Subscribe at if you haven't already!

2. Knowyour Kingdom Heraldic Staff! There have been quite a few changes with theturnover of terms.

PolarisPrincipal Herald: Maol Mhichil mac Ghiolla Pheadair<>

Master ofAssassins (General Deputy): Gevehard von Baden <>

Master ofRevels (General Deputy): Alasdair Calum Montgomery<>

Eastern:Grimmund Blackwing <>

Central:Katerinka Lvovicha of the Two Kingdoms <>

Western:Heledd of Mathrafal <>

PolarisSignet: Gabrielle le Chevreuil <>

KeythongSubmissions Herald: Arnbjorn Karlsson <>

IsundenNotifications Herald: Gabrielle le Chevreuil<>

AegisEducation Herald: Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir <>

BlawhornTourney Herald: Katerinka Lvovicha of the Two Kingdoms<>

Rede BokeResearch Herald: Meredith ni Shionniach <>

Ministerof Protocol: Moraig Anne Drummond <>

You willnotice we have some pluralism in office going on here -- not too much but some.Please use the appropriate e-mail alias above for the appropriatecorrespondence.

3. Weneed consulting heralds! At some point I will go into this in more depth, butfor now, suffice it to say that the tradition of having consulting tables atevents has fallen off, and this trend needs to be reversed!

That'sall for now! Be loud, be proud!

My voicein your service,

MaolMhichil Polaris


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Posted by: Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair Polaris Herald on 2/1/2012

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