Baroness Abbey Kegslayer being escorted by HE Wulfgar Baroness Abbey Kegslayer being escorted by HE Wulfgar

December 2011 Northwatch Missive

Friends,Northshielders, Heralds, lend me your eyeballs!

I don't actuallyhave a lot to say just now, except by way of introduction. I think many of youknow me, or at least have seen and heard me shouting in court and tourney. Ihave been Polaris before, and although I must admit I was glad to retire when Idid, I'm also glad to return to it now that I've had time to recharge. 

I am predominantly avoice herald, and an administrator. While I support the book herald's art andalways seek to help educate in all aspects of heraldry, my own abilities inname and device research lie in knowing whom to ask!

I have a number ofthings I want to accomplish with my second tenure, but most of them can besummarized as recruitment, retention and education. To this end, I want to hearfrom every and anyone who has a suggestion on how to further these goals.

I will be steppingup at the Feast of the Boar's Head, and hope to see many of you there or atGreater Nordskogen Twelfth Night!

'til then!

My voice in yourservice,

Maol Mhichil


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Posted by: Maol Mhichil mac Giolla Pheadair Polaris Herald on 12/1/2011

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