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Kingdom of Northshield - Ducere Ministrare Illuminare

Regalia Auction

Greetings to All,

I would like to take a moment and let the Kingdom know the auction for certain items of  Regalia will be held at Warriors & Warlords this year.
A link to a webpage with items up for auction will follow.
If you see an item and you are the maker of it, please email me at
to let me know and I will remove item and return it to you.

Thank You to all that have made many of the wonderful items that have made this Kingdom richer.

Baroness Setembrina Bramante
Court of King Lars & Queen Mary, the First.
From the lands of Barony Windhaven,
Located in the Shire Blachemere

Other missives from the Fundraising Coordinator
Posted by: Setembrina Bramante Fundraising Coordinator on 4/29/2012