Many suggestions were made about this hat at Masquerade II Many suggestions were made about this hat at Masquerade II


Greetings to the populace of Northshield!

As the snow is finally clearing from these lands, I would once again like to remind people of the importance of keeping hydrated during physical activity. Please, please, ensure that your fighters/dancers/archers are kept healthy and hydrated as the weather warms!

Also, as camping season approaches we must start thinking about waterbearing at camping events where activities are taking place. I would be pleased to help anyone organize such a thing, or organize it myself given that I will be attending that event. On that note, I will be running waterbearing at Quest for Camelot this year, and I would encourage anyone with questions about waterbearing, anyone interested in how to run a waterbearing table, or just anyone interested in what it is that we do to come and spend time at the waterbearing table. I would be most happy to answer any questions, or to even offer a crash-course to those that are interested!

Keep hydrated and safe!

Yours in service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Waterbearer
Posted by: Majer Déva Kingdom Waterbearer on 5/1/2007

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