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Greetings! As the summer sun is swiftly rising over the horizon, camping season is quickly upon us! Please start thinking about what events you’ll be attending/organizing, and how you can ensure that you and those around you keep healthy and hydrated.

On that note, I will be in charge of waterbearing at WW this year. I am looking for volunteers! No experience is necessary —anyone can do it! Also at WW this year I will not only need waterbearers for the heavy, rapier, and archery fields, but I will also need waterbearers to remind those around the event (in classes, dancing, or just milling about) to drink and keep hydrated! We’ll have a few small water-stations set up around the site, as we want to make sure that absolutely everyone at the event stays healthy and safe! Come and volunteer, and know that you did your part to ensure that everyone had a safe and fun event.

I would like to have some idea of who in Northshield is interested in waterbearing. If you do have an interest, ideas, or questions, please contact me or come find me at an event. I would love to meet you!

Have fun camping!

Yours in service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Waterbearer
Posted by: Majer Déva Kingdom Waterbearer on 6/1/2007

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