The aftermath of Moooooooooooo BOOM! The aftermath of Moooooooooooo BOOM!

August Missive

Unto the Wonderful and Noble People of Northshield do we send greetings.

We hope this letter finds you well. That sentiment has been expressed much of late. We know the minds, hearts and bodies of Our people have been troubled in these difficult times. So, we have some hopefully helpful advice: Love and Forgiveness. We know these are not the times one would likely choose, but they are the times we have. It is easy to see the way hate and strife cause wounds to the heart and mind the way the Covid pox causes wounds to the lungs. While we have no cure for Covid outside of the body’s own immune system, love and forgiveness can cure evil and hate.

Someone much wiser than us once said: as light can remove the dark, so love and forgiveness can change evil. One of the wonderful benefits of love and forgiveness is it can affect both the recipient and the giver.

Love can be easy to do, or it can be difficult, but it has the certain feel when it is done correctly. Forgiveness, on the other hand is always, always tough to accomplish. Forgiveness requires a certain amount of courage. It most definitely requires fortitude. While forgiveness does not have the same feeling as love when applied, they both make the world a better place.

So We hope all of us can practice those choices which can keep us healthy and safe in the many different parts of existence.

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill

Ciarán and Elis

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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Majesties on 7/14/2020

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