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September Missive

Unto the Wonderful and Noble People of Northshield do we send greetings.

September is the month We were to step down and Our heirs would take their rightful place on the Stellar Thrones. Unless something dramatic has changed since this was written, We have no heirs and no way to find them. It is easy to bemoan such a sad state of affairs, but We are Northshield, where the very environment hardens us and makes us stronger. Let’s instead look at our victories in these hard times.
• Finding joy in schtick, celebrations and stories.
• Sharing knowledge through A&S.
• Doing good work. Scribes, officers, social media people, ethereal court staff, and many others work to the betterment of the Kingdom.

We are good people who love history, sword fighting, hanging out by the campfire, performing arts and creating things of history. We have shown that and help each other in our passions.

As We wait for the time when our heirs will take their place, as is the tradition of the SCA, We reaffirm the oaths we took at Our coronation in April:
I swear to keep and confirm
To the people of Northshield
The laws, customs and traditions of the realm.
To defend, strengthen, and maintain them
To the best of my ability.
To seek the wise counsel
Of our Peers, Baronage and people.
I shall do and keep
In all my domains and judgments
True and right in mercy and truth.
To be vigilant as I guide her people,
To be diligent in my service to all,
And to light the way From the Stellar Thrones.
May all my strength fail me
And the world turn against me
If I break this solemn oath.

Until we can be together again,

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill

Ciarán and Elis

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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Majesties on 8/13/2020

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