Innokenti "Kenya" Rublyov and Alisdair Lockran Innokenti "Kenya" Rublyov and Alisdair Lockran

December Missive


It has been my pleasure to have been the Kingdom Rapier Marshal for the past two years. However, I feel that it is time for me to step down and allow another to fill the position. I would like to make my resignation as of the first of January 2021 and would like to put a call out for volunteers to be the next KRM.

The position of Kingdom Rapier Marshal is a Lesser Office that reports directly to the Kingdom Earl Marshal to promote safe conduct of rapier activities. This includes compiling quarterly and Domesday reports received from regional marshals and sending the reports to the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and Society Rapier Marshal. It also involves ensuring Kingdom rapier rules are in accordance with Society Rapier rules. KRM is responsible for the review of and recommendations for promoting Marshalsin-Training to full Marshallate.

I wish the very best of luck for those applying for this position. Please send an email to Their Majesties and Kingdom Earl Marshal to express your desire for consideration.

Jean-Robert LeMarchand

Other missives from the Kingdom Rapier Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: Jean Robert LeMarchand de Sel Kingdom Rapier Marshal (KLO) on 11/11/2020

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