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Greetings, Northshield!

Camping season is fully upon us, and with it comes the blazing sun and great heat! I would first like to start by thanking all those who provide or help to provide waterbearing at events. Thank you to all of you that try and make sure we are all safe and hydrated! With that, thank you to all those who volunteered to help with waterbearing at WW! I greatly appreciate all of your help, as I am sure everyone else did as well! Vivant to all the waterbearers of Northshield!

Also, we are looking for donations for Pennsic. We are welcoming monetary donations as well as supplies (gallon jugs of water, rubber hosing, Gatorade, jars of pickle spears, oranges, etc.). Please contact Lady Flori or myself to make donations. Monetary donations can be given to one of us in advance of the event, and all supplies can be brought to Pennsic and will be collected there. All donations would be much appreciated! We are relying on everyone’s generosity to keep the fighters safe and hydrated on the field to fight the Great War!

Many people are showing interest in non-contact waterbearing in Northshield. Non-contact waterbearing is a form of waterbearing in which nothing is shared between individuals. It involves the use of pull-top caps for 2-liter bottles, as opposed to the commonly used rubber hosing and gallon-jug method. If you are interested in such a method, please consider trying it for your upcoming events. Please contact me if you would like any information on this, or sources for where to buy pull-tops and sanitizer tablets.

Stay healthy and hydrated!

In Service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Waterbearer
Posted by: Majer Déva Kingdom Waterbearer on 8/1/2007

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