Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line


Greeting everyone!

The days are now beginning to be shorter, and camping season is coming to a close. Thank you to all those who helped out with waterbearing at events during these past few month! Waterbearing at events really cannot happen without all the hard-work of volunteers. Thank you also to all those that helped with waterbearing at Pennsic, and especially to my Northshield Co-Head Waterbearer Lady Flori de Josselin!

At WW this year we tried out non-contact waterbearing. We did it this year with the use of 1L pull-top bottles, using 1-gallon jugs to refill them on the field. I would like to hear opinions on this from those that attended WW this year. Did it work? Do you like the jug-and-tube method better? Should we keep using this method? Any opinions/comments would be much appreciated! Please come and see me at an event or send me an email if you can offer some comments.

Although we will start having many more indoor events, waterbearing is still important! There should still be at least water available for those doing any form of fighting. The same goes for fighter practices in your local groups. Why not designate someone to be in-charge of the waterbearing for local practices?

A big “Huzzah!” to the Shire of Border Downs for already having someone doing this! I’d like to know of other groups doing this as well, so please contact me if you are! Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions and/or comments about waterbearing.

In Service, Déva

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Posted by: Majer Déva Kingdom Waterbearer on 9/1/2007

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