Carved stone that was presented to Northsheild by the Outlands Carved stone that was presented to Northsheild by the Outlands

WW Stallari Meeting Minutes

WW Stallari Meeting

July 14, 2012

Attendees: TRM Wulfgar and Devon, TRH Yngvar and Luce, HG Fina, L. Deja, THL Fiona, HE Marwen, HE Maol Mhichil, HE Aesa

Seneschal: Svaty Sebesta accepted the terms of the loan for Crown.

Chronicler: Anplica will step in as Northwatch Exchequer until those accounts are combined with NS Chronicler account. Need to upgrade publishing software, will cost $700 minimum. Electronic newsletter is gettingus some good feedback and compliments on what we are doing well.

Commendation for Teffan and the web support team for the website.

Laws Clerk: New laws are complete and will be posted soon.

TRM: NRA bid questions – would like to share 5-10% of profits as a gratuity for using the Kingdom name, but don’t want 50% to takeaway from Hadrian’s Wall profits. Progress on Scroll of Honor? Polaris will ask Gevehard for an update.

TRH: Working on some sort of memorial for those who have passed, perhaps a saga that would be added to by those who were close to the departed.

Polaris: Consulting heraldry is dwindling, we need to reinvigorate it. Polaris is running a consulting table at Coronation. The goal is to get consulting heraldry up and running and then create a deputy whose role is only consulting heraldry.

Respectfully submitted by Baroness Aesa Gilsdottir, Council Secretary

Posted by: Æsa Gilsdottir Council Secretary on 7/16/2012

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