Rena Flora Thorbjornsdottir and Master Thorbjorn the Graysides Rena Flora Thorbjornsdottir and Master Thorbjorn the Graysides

February Missive

Their Royal Majesties

Northshield, I have a question for you. Who is the greatest Queen in all of the lands? Well, if you ask me there is no contest. Queen Elis has been the best thing about this reign, by far. She has had the wisdom to guide the trickiest situations. Elis is kind and understanding. She is well-loved by the Kingdom because she is kind and loving. Elis knows when to hold her ground and make the hard choices. She never signed up for this kind of reign; none who are reigning did. From the beginning when she became Princess in October of 54 until now, her goal and focus has been what is best for Northshield.

When We came up with the motto “Never give up, no surrender” in Gaelic it was having some fun. We never knew how true it would become. Her Majesty has never wavered in her commitment. It is not easy. The hardest thing is not knowing when the work will be done, but Her Majesty has conquered this with a day-by-day approach. There have been many trials and difficulties, some which are ongoing and I do not know where I would be without her steadfast work and guidance. I want to show my appreciation for all Queen Elis has done for Northshield by humbly saying, “thank you, you're the best.”

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill.


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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Majesties on 1/11/2021

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