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The Return of Lupercalia

The road to the Shire of Rivenwood Tower from the Barony of Castel Rouge was long. Midway a mist descended making travel very slow yet I was finally able to arrive at the home of Their Excellencies Geoffrey and Anne in the Barony of Nordskogen. After a short respite it was time for us to leave for the balance of the trip.

The morning trip passed by quickly with Their Excellencies good cheer and we arrived at the site. It was a grand looking castle (Armoury) and activity was seen all over the main hall (huge parade ground). I would guess that 150 gentles had decided to attend Lupercalia's revival and all were in good spirits. Some were playing games, others brousing the merchants, others lounging in a large bedoiun type tent/salon, others partaking of a delicious lunch that was made available, some partaking in simple good co mpany, some partaking in the arts martial while others enjoyed the specticle.

There were a few authorizations. Of personal note Lady Sabina authorized ... Lord Urien had better keep his eyes open lest he be caught by a good rising snap. I spent the day enjoying the good company at the event and watching the balance of the fighting. There was a 3 - Person Team Melee Round Robin. Many good blows were struck (Made me wish that I had packed my armour. Doh!) and the combattants all enjoyed themselves tremendously. The winning team unfortunately escapes my memory. Mistress Cassandra led a team seeking to recognize the most chivalric on the field. In the end it was aggreed that all of the day's combattants were equally chivalric and each was given a momento to commemorate the day. There was a fiersome Bunny Buzkashi (with ressurection) game which saw that all were so evenly matched that none could gain a point. In the end (the resurrection was ended) Lady Elana from Darkstone was left to stand the field against HSH Conn. After making it all the way around and almost back to claim a point HSH Conn was able to prevent her victory. However, HSH was so impressed by Lady Elena presence on the field that day he asked thst the victory be hers. The crowd rejoiced. The balance of the day the field was left open for sparring.

Soon after a court took place. A number of honours were recognized, AOA's, Guide Star, and Prince and Princess's Cypher. (See next Northwatch for courtlist as my memory fails me.) Also of note TSH's gifted the principalities populace with the right to bear steel in Their courts "as we are all family". (See TSH's posting elsewhere.) There was also a rather mysterious missive concerning a rebellion fermenting in TSH's far away homelands. There was an undeniable look of concern on TSH's faces. Perhaps better n ews of this will arrive at Their next court in the months to come. Court ended very shortly thereafter and the hall was prepared for feast.

Though I am unaccustomed to the Mediterranean cuisine (baked chicken and tabouleh, tiropitakia and falafel with tahini sauce, bef and almb shesh kabobs with couscous, baklava, marzipan subtleties) I was thouroughly satisfied by the service, quality, and quantity of food that was presented. For the cook's and servers Skold! For the autocrats and good company Vivant!

At the end of the evening a 14th century manuscript page was raffled and the money raised to be presented to the Northshield's newest group Red River Dreagon. Hoobah! Dancing followed long into the evening as the site was closing down. The day had passed all too quickly and Their Excellencies had to return for an early morning depature for a meeting. The trip back to Nordskogen was enjoyable as was the event. Hopefully, Lupercalia has returned for good for many hope to visit Rivenwood Tower again. Until the next Lupercalia travel well.

Posted by: Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev on 10/13/2007

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