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April Missive

Unto the Wonderful and Noble People of Northshield do We, Elis and Ciaran, send greetings.

We are excited to announce the combatants and consorts for the next Crown Tournament. In no particular order and without titles, because His Majesty messed up, here are the potential heirs to the Stellar Throne.
• Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan, fighting for Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn
• Kaydian Bladebreaker, fighting for Cassandra Antonelli
• Wu Yun daren, fighting for Tom Tinntinnabulum
• Geoffrey de la Brugge, fighting for Tatiana Marana Melville
• Murdoch McArthur, fighting for Serena Ordonez
• Hanman Hebenstreit Ritter von Mare Amethystinum, fighting for Guenievre du Dragon Vert
• Hans Volsch, fighting for Genevieve MacArtne
• Ulrich Aeowulf MacNaughtine, fighting for Æsileif Glyfisdóttir
• Bazyli Boleslaw z Krakowa, fighting for Helena the Quiet

Crown Tournament Requirements:

This Crown list will be a “bring-your-best” tournament. The tournament will consist of
two portions: a round robin and single elimination tree of the top fighters from the pool.  

All the round robin fights are a single fight, the winner reports to the list table. Ties to be broken by fights between those who have tied. All fights in the single elimination portion will be best two out of three. Double kills will be refought.


In an effort to show the talents of the future of Northshield, Combatants and Consorts are requested to bring an A&S project made by one or both to display during the day. We would highly encourage a project(s) by both participants. The project does NOT have to be made specifically for Crown. It can be something made previously and it can also be a joint project. Please provide a card with your name and a description of the item. If you wish to provide more extensive documentation, you may do so, but it is not required.
• All combatants and consorts must have an AoA or higher award.
• Modern equipment or clothing must be covered. Modern footwear must be plain brown or plain black with no visible insignia.
• On the day of the tournament, combatants and consorts must show a valid membership card, proof of majority, and proof that at least one has the ability to cross the border. The combatant must show a valid Northshield authorization card.
All prospective combatants and their consorts must meet the minimum criteria in the Society Governing Documents, as well as the following requirements from the laws of Northshield: 
• Each must be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have access to the Northwatch.
• Each must have been a subject of Northshield for one year immediately before the Crown Tournament.
• All prospective combatants and their consorts must be acceptable to the Presiding Royalty.
• No one under 18 years old may fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament.
• No member of the Royal Family may either fight or be fought for in a Crown Tournament.
• One member of the couple must also affirm that they can and will maintain the ability to legally cross the U.S./ Canadian international border for the duration of their reign, should they be victorious, to ensure that they are free to travel to all parts of the Kingdom. 

Please submit a clear electronic image of the heraldic arms you will be fighting under to the Minister of the List by June 1, 2021.

In addition, as we all have learned repeatedly, this is all subject to change. Here is to hoping it doesn’t need to.

Please direct any questions or concerns to

Until we can be together again. 

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill.

Ciarán and Elis

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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Majesties on 3/11/2021

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