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June Missive

Greetings and salutations,

Sometimes the words are hard to find. Sometimes it is helpful to find encouragement and help from others. Here are some bardic words. Perhaps you will find some joy in them.

Riamh a thabhairt suas, Cha Gheill.

Ciarán and Elis
“Beauty, truth, and rarity.
Grace in all simplicity,
Here enclos'd in cinders lie.
Death is now the phoenix' nest;
And the turtle's loyal breast
To eternity doth rest,
Leaving no posterity:-
'Twas not their infirmity,
It was married chastity.
Truth may seem, but cannot be:
Beauty brag, but 'tis not she;
Truth and beauty buried be.
To this urn let those repair
That are either true or fair;
For these dead birds sigh a prayer.”
- William Shakespeare

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Posted by: Ciaran and Elis II Their Royal Majesties on 5/11/2021

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