Genevieve de Belleval Genevieve de Belleval

September Missive

Queen’s Largesse Competition

1. Each participant will create 10 of the same/similar items to be donated to the Kingdom Largesse.
2. All (10) items per contestant entered must be displayed in the competition (if possible; this is preferred by Her Highness).
3. The winner of The Populace Vote will get a cool thing (as yet a MYSTERY! Oooooh!).
4. Her Highness will also be choosing her second A&S Champion for the Queen’s Guard from the participants. (MAY be the Populace Vote Winner, MAYbe not!)
5. As this is a bone-dry site, you should not enter adult beverages; food is also not accepted.
6. Documentation is optional, but if you choose to include it, be sure to take that into consideration when reserving your spot. The space on the provided tables is first-come, first-served, so keep that in mind when choosing a size for your project. In the event that all provided table space is reserved, you will have the option of bringing your own table, but we won’t start accepting extra tables until after the 12 tables have been filled, keeping available (floor) real estate in mind.
7. The tables are approximately 3’x6’ and they will be divided into halves and quarters.
8. Please keep in mind the portability of largesse. It is for this reason, and to offer space for more creators to participate, that we have chosen not to offer a whole table to any one contributor.
9. To register for the competition, please send an email to Lady Neamhain O’ Malley at with:
a. Your SCA name
b. Your desired display size (1/4, 1/2, 3/4)
c. You don’t have to say what you’re making

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Posted by: Berenice Calvina Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 8/12/2021

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